Research enables us to develop new treatments, broaden our understanding of health and disease and help patients, carers, and healthcare professionals. Through our collaboration with the James Lind Alliance we have set up a Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) which will help bring patients and healthcare professionals together to aid in the development of research into Hyperhidrosis. The aim is to carry out existing literature search on the topic to see what questions have already been answered and what still needs to be looked at. The research study is currently being carried out at De Montfort University with Dr Louise Dunford (Senior Lecturer) and Dr Anton Alexandroff (Consultant Dermatologist & Honorary Senior Lecturer).

Members of the Hyperhidrosis Priority Setting Partnership

Louise Dunford is the PSP Lead and a senior lecturer in physiology at De Montfort University in Leicester. She has a BSc (Hons) and a PhD from the University of Nottingham and she is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Her research interests are dermatology, nutrition, obesity. and inequalities in healthcare.  



Maryrose Tarpey is a freelance consultant on research design and priority setting, ethics and analysis of research management data. Until February 2016 Maryrose was Assistant Director at INVOLVE Coordinating Centre, part of the National Institute for Health Research, where she led on policy and evidence on public involvement in health and social care research. Maryrose Rose is the PSP advisor on this project on behalf of the James Lind Alliance.




Lynne Hague is a recently retired Customer Service Team Leader who has moved to spend that retirement on the Ayrshire coast. She has suffered with Cranial HH for the majority of her adult life and in other areas from time to time. Never having discussed this condition with anyone prior to earlier this year and having given up on the G.Ps she had discussed it with, would now love to raise awareness. She feels it’s vital we help, particularly the younger age groups so they have a life that is not dominated by this dreadful disorder.


Maggie McPhee is research co-ordinator for the UK Dermatology Clinical Trials Network, bringing together health professionals and patients to develop clinical trials on skin disease. Maggie has been involved in several priority setting partnerships including, eczema, hidradenitis suppurativa and cystic fibrosis.



Dr Anton Alexandroff is a Consultant Dermatologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at De Montfort University, Leicester Nuffield, Leicester Spire, Cambridge Nuffield and Bedford BMI hospitals and Skin55 Harley Street Offices. Dr Alexandroff is a research friendly dermatologist who served as the principal investigator of a number of UK and international trials, he also previously served as the vice-chair of hidradenitis supportive PSP. Dr Alexandroff sees many patients who suffer from hyperhidrosis and for this reason he encourages all patients and health professionals to take part in hyperhidrosis PSP. More information about Dr Alexandroff is available on his website: www.alexandroff.org.uk

Andrew Clifton is an Associate Professor of Nursing at De Montfort University and has a background in both the health and social sciences and has developed a range of research interests. Andrew has methodological and subject expertise. He has conducted Cochrane systematic reviews in a range of topics including mental health, older people and peer support. Andrew is the Information Specialist on this project.


Janice Miller is a Full Time, Third Year Medical Science student at De Montfort University. Janice anticipates to continue academic study on completion of the present degree. She supports Louise Dunford and works with Hana Hussain as a PSP coordinator.

Hana Hussain is a Full Time, Third Year Medical Science student at De Montfort University. Hana is interested in a career in the field of Dermatology after graduation. Alongside Janice Miller, Hana works as a PSP Co-ordinator, supporting Louise Dunford in the Hyperhidrosis PSP.

Kathy Radley is a dermatology specialist nurse, working in both a clinical role at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust and an academic role at the University of Hertfordshire, with a focus on supporting patients to manage chronic skin disease. She was involved in the hidradenitis suppurativa PSP.




Dr Richard Oliver is Head of Technical and Clinical for STD Pharmaceutical Products, a small family run company in Hereford that specialise in sclerotherapy and hyperhidrosis products. He has a PhD from the University of Glasgow and was previously a senior lecturer and consultant oral surgeon. For the last two years he has updated and maintained the Hyperhidrosis UK website resource for patients (www.hyperhidrosisuk.org) and trains healthcare professionals on iontophoresis and hyperhidrosis management of their patients.


Miss Maharukh Daruwalla has trained and worked as a plastic surgeon at Newcastle Hospitals Foundation Trust, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, North Thames Post-Graduate Training Rotation (including Mount Vernon Hospital and Lister Hospital) and University Hospitals of Leicester. She continues her work in skin-cancer and hypospadias at Lister Hospital, which she joined as a Consultant in 2012, in addition to providing a general plastic surgery service. She is a core member of the Skin-Cancer MDT and one of only two surgeons offering certain higher level of surgical-care for skin-cancer patients in the region.

KH is a solicitor living and working on the south coast. She has suffered with plantar, palmar and axillary hyperhidrosis since around the age of 12. It is a distressing and difficult condition to live with so she was very pleased to be given the opportunity to participate in the steering committee for this survey which she hopes will help current and future sufferers of this condition.

Rod Warner is a GP of over 35 years in practice working in and around Leicestershire in and out of hours.

Dr Louise McDonald is a Dermatology Registrar undertaking specialist training in Northern Ireland.  She is currently based in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.  Prior to undertaking higher training in Dermatology Dr McDonald worked as a General Practitioner and has a keen interest in the clinical assessment and management of patients with hyperhidrosis. This is her first involvement in a Priority Setting Partnership and she is excited to be working alongside other healthcare professionals and patients to ascertain research priorities for this condition.